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  • Regulatory Intelligence
  • Change Assessment
  • Standards Management
  • Country-Specific Templates
  • Distributor Collaboration
  • AI Document Management
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Alerts and Notification
  • Product Management
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Our medical regulatory compliance software offers innovative solutions that allow you to expand to any market in the world — ahead of your competitors. Specialized pharma and medical device regulatory software helps your organization stay compliant with global and local laws and regulations while bringing a new product to market.

Regulatory Intelligence

Get instant access to the most up-to-date regulatory requirements in 120 countries

  • Access comprehensive regulatory requirements for 120 markets
  • Receive daily alerts on evolving changes
  • Obtain timelines and costs

AI Application Builder

Click-through global applications with ease with our AI-powered Application Builder

  • Get instant access to country-specific templates
  • Prepare and publish global applications 10x faster
  • Autofill subsequent applications using AI technology

Tracking & Reporting

Monitor the entire lifecycle of your product from a single user-friendly dashboard

  • Track the status of registrations globally
  • Receive renewal notifications
  • Generate reports on KPIs within seconds


Get instant access to or international network of 4,000+ regulatory experts

  • Receive Verified Answers to Regulatory Questions Fast
  • Largest Network of Medical Device Regulatory Consultants
  • Collaborate with Multiple Experts for Solutions to Challenging Questions

And the best part? The power of regulatory compliance software is at your fingertips so you can use it when you need it the most. No more waiting for a consultant to return your calls or hitting communication roadblocks with your local distributors. Streamline bringing your medical devices to new markets at your pace.

Why Regulatory Compliance Software is a necessity?

Maintain compliance in 120 countries around the world

Constant monitoring of global regulatory changes

Prepare global applications in 1/10th of the time

Investing in the right regulatory management system is important across industries, but it is especially essential for companies in the life science and medical device field.

A specialized compliance solution for medical devices can help your organization:

  • Receive compliance alerts when regulatory changes occur. Always stay up to date on the latest laws and regulations.
  • Improve document management by having all your important documentation accessible on one platform. Reduce the risk of lost, incorrect, and duplicate data.
  • Ensure effective quality management throughout the product life cycle.
  • Establish superior risk management processes to avoid any roadblocks.
  • Ease during audits by having all data in one place

Proper compliance can make all the difference when it comes to bringing your medical device to market quickly and maintaining existing devices.And perhaps more importantly, it also helps companies expedite access of medical products to patients around the world. Go above and beyond typical compliance measures with assistance from regulatory compliance software foryour medical devices.

who trust RegDesk


Kathie Jordan

Program Director, Coulter-Drexel Translational Research Partnership Program

“RegDesk’s service is really different. With regulatory consulting firms, you approach them and they give you a strategy report, but you aren’t getting feedback from multiple professionals who may have different opinions on your project. RegDesk Peer gives you that, which is extremely valuable.”

Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“RegDesk Peer is a great way to get several trustworthy opinions on your specific case and see the commonalities amongst them. The best part about the tool is the hands-on explanations and advice you get and the opportunity you’re offered to get more information on the reports you receive from the consultants. The service is well worth the price!”

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Medium-Size Medical Device Company

“Our regulatory affairs team saved quite a bit of time by having one centralized source to go to for global regulations and requirements. There is a serious convenience and simplicity factor involved when using RegDesk Dash.”

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Large Medical Device Company

“I had an excellent experience using RegDesk Peer. The best thing about it is that the experts are very timely in their response and you get multiple, different opinions on your case. You get to look at them, see where they vary and don’t vary, and make more informed decisions based on that.”

Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs

Medium-Size Medical Device Company

“RegDesk Dash and Alerts saved our regulatory affairs teams unprecedented amounts of time. Eliminating spreadsheets and automating regulatory intelligence has been a great business decision fur us.”

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Large Medical Device Company

“Automating our regulatory intelligence through RegDesk Dash has been a great decision for our company. Our regulatory affairs team is much more efficient and we are better able to measure and track our KPIs.”

Chloe Mayo

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ethicon

“RegDesk saved us 11 months of time. We will definitely be using them again.”

Сountries that we serve

We can help you expand to any market in the world.

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies spend months gathering intelligence from disparate sources and preparing product registration submissions, oftentimes only to be rejected by health authorities. RegDeskTM as medical regulatory company solves that problem.

Benefits of Specialized Compliance Software

The medical device industry is complex. You need regulatory compliance software that captures the unique needs of your business. RegDesk software is tailored to the medical device industry. Regulations are constantly evolving and that’s why our solution is continuously being monitored and improved.

With specialized regulatory compliance software, your business is only presented with the relevant information needed to make informed decisions. No more sorting through mountains of irrelevant data or conducting hours of research to move the process along or relying on distributors.

Speed at which you build application

Time to address international inquiries

More applications per year

Eliminate the cost of adding more staff

Cost savings

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