“We process several hundred international applications per year. We would always experience delays. With RegDesk our team is able to generate applications within a few hours rather than months.”

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Medius-sized
medical device company

“We evaluated many existing platforms. We chose RegDesk because it addresses all our regulatory needs from regulatory intelligence to helping us prepare applications and manage change assessments.”

Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Fortune 500

“RegDesk Tracking has simplified the entire process. We no longer have to worry about missing deadlines on renewals. The best part is that we are able to generate reports with a click of a button.”

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Large Multinational

Looking for a faster, more efficient way to get your medical devices to new markets? RegDesk gives you instant access to global regulatory requirements. Our application builder guides you through the submission process, and our tracking tool monitors your progress and alerts you to potential roadblocks. Our platform saves you the time and hassle of updating regulatory spreadsheets and seeking out consultants so you can focus on delivering quality products.

Our medical regulatory company offers innovative solutions that allow you to expand to any market in the world – ahead of your competitors

Get instant access to the most up-to-date regulatory requirements for more than 1000

Click-through registration applications with ease with our AI-powered application

Monitor the entire lifecycle of your
product from a single user-friendly

Get instant access to or international
network of 4,000+ regulatory

Join the list of industry-leading companies
who trust RegDeskTM

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We can help you expand to any market in the world.


Medical device and pharmaceutical companies spend months gathering intelligence from disparate sources and preparing product registration submissions, oftentimes only to be rejected by health authorities. RegDeskTM as medical regulatory company solves that problem.


Coverage of over 100 markets and management assistance for product approvals in each and every one

Constant monitoring of global regulatory changes

Instant access to accurate and competitive regulatory intelligence

Utilization of artificial intelligence to deliver the most valuable and updated regulatory insights

Use of crowdsourcing to find answers to the most pressing regulatory questions

Reduce time to market and risk levels to provide advantages over competitors

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